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Making Fashion Statements Through Optical Illusions

Buying a dress is easy. All you have to do is hit the nearest boutique, try a few dresses that catch your attention, and pay for it. However, if you are rooting for “the perfect dress”, knowing your body type, aside from the latest trends, is a must. Runway diva and coach extraordinaire J. Alexander once said that fashion is different from trend. Trend is simply what’s “in” in fashion at the moment, while fashion is determining your body type and knowing which clothes will bring out your assets and will conceal the parts which you do not want to show off. In that case, a fashion advice is what you will need and not a trend advice. Here are some tips for optical illusion that you can use depending on your body structure:


Perhaps many people are voicing out their jealousy on you due to your lean and long-limbed structure. However, it is quite understandable that even skinny people, which many considers as the ideal body type, also has insecurities. Many skinny girls who have fast metabolism, which makes it so hard to put on weight, are tired of looking stick skinny and simply wants to just plunge into a more defined curvy body. If you are struggling to be a little on the curvy side, wear dresses that has horizontal stripes on them. This creates an optical illusion that the wearer is wider that she really is. Also, avoid wearing black. It is a very popular fashion trick that black is the color for people who want to look skinnier than they actually are. Go for lighter colors. Additional tip: wearing white pants with wide pockets add a little volume to your rear. Also, women who were not well-endowed on the chest can wear V-neck tops and dresses to create an impression of a deeper cleavage.


Being big-boned is not a curse compared to what many women believe. Whether one would believe it or not, even fashion models that have big bone structures such as supermodel Tyra Banks and top model Whitney Thompson, winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10, also had their own share of frustrations and boo-hoos regarding their big-boned body structure. Instead of fretting, know the tips that will create a slimmer mirage of your body silhouette. As mentioned above, black is the no-brainer effortless color for women who want to look slimmer instead. Not only is black the color of elegance which has the ability to command a room, but black is also good in tricking the eyes of your on-lookers. Sport that famous little black dress and make the streets your very own runway as you strut your stuff.