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Brocade Being Indonesian Muslim Fashion Trends 2013

National Muslim fashion designer, Lia Soraya, stated, brocade “lace” increasingly becoming a trend Indonesian society since the material is easy to mix and match with a variety of clothing and headscarves that cover the nakedness of Muslim women.

“Now many fashion designers in the Muslim homeland wear brocade material for his latest collection of Muslim fashion in this 2013. To that end, I accidentally present at the Indonesia Hijab Fest 2013 at Grand City,” he said, while providing a practical method of wearing hijab to a number of Indonesian visitors Hijab Fest 2013, in Surabaya, Thursday night.

According to him, to wear hijab now known or “hijab” much how. However, in order to look beautiful and fashionable, depending on each individual and the need to follow the world fashion trend.

“They also need to be creative,” he said.

If international fashion designers use brocade for clothing alone, he added, the Muslim fashion designers can mix and match with silk, cotton, and other.

“This effort to cover up the dreamy lace. Meanwhile, Moslem grip it should not be seen,” he said.

For more look fashionable, he suggested, so that fans can wear Muslim fashion what’s in the house like pasmina scarf or cloth that is rarely used. Then, these materials dikreasi with the latest models.

“Why should we have to buy new stuff. Indeed occasionally buy what should not have but if you already have at home so put to good use,” he said.

Community leader Hijabers Surabaya, Antania Febriana, justify, now increasingly rapid development of Muslim fashion. In fact, Muslim fashion designers in the country to hone their skills further.

“We should not be silent. But, should follow the trend of the world because Indonesia will be the center of Moslem fashion world in 2020,” he said.

He continued, indeed for the hijab does not have to be expensive but can still look beautiful and trendy. It appealed to people to be able to mix and match what you have.

“Do not be reasoned no funds. Hijab We can still look fashionable with the maximum and sober funds because the important thing is the creative idea,” he said.

How to Pick a Fashion Style for Older Women

Clothing styles have a vast assortment of fashion trends from which to choose. Older women can look sharp in clothing designed to complement their bodies and fit comfortably. Skintight sweaters and low-cut jeans are out. Stylish dresses, sassy slacks and flattering skirts are in.

1. Shop for tailored skirt lines with back and side slits to show off your legs. Hemlines that fall just below the knee are flattering when made with A-lined patterns and slightly relaxed waistlines.

2. Pair calf-length skirts with classic button-front blouses in comfortable no-press cotton blend fabrics for an easy care style that is ready to wear right from the dryer. Opt for relaxed cut blazers that offer older women more shoulder room for bending and twisting.

3. Find full-figured slacks with hidden expandable waistbands for comfort. Made with button-in pleats, expandable-waist pants offer style and versatility for the over-50 woman who demands more from her clothing.

4. Don hip-length baby-doll sweaters to flatter a wider waistline. Designed to flair slightly from the shoulders, these sweaters complement pants and skirts and offer stylish warmth for those winter months.

5. Find one-piece swimwear in various torso lengths with built-in tummy control panels and boy-cut legs for extra coverage. Slip on a mid-thigh cover-up over your swimsuit, made from an open-weave fabric and spend a day at the beach.

6. Wear the prints you like. Forget about the old adage of choosing tiny prints as you get older. Choose from bold colorful patterns that make you feel good. Today’s clothing makers offer a wide range of sizes and styles in the latest fashion fabrics.

Join the Hat Craze!

It is a long-standing New York Tradition to wear hats. The movie “New York Hat” brought this back to the public fashion trends and started a snowballing popularity of the New York hat that has spread across the entire country. While once only considered fashionable among the elite class, now everybody wants to wear the famous hat.

Many styles exist now in so many different colors it is staggering. Everybody wants their own special fit, a design unique to the individual. People across America are making fashion statements with New York hats.

These hats have a sensual attraction to them and are most definitely considered stylish in modern fashion. Sales have continued to increase as more people want them. Some time ago, hats were just worn by people who had to labor in the outdoor sun everyday because the hats would protect them from sunburn.

Men can wear these hats and so can women. It is an artful fashion for anyone. Men can use them to fashionably protect the tops of their heads in the sun. While that same sun shines on women, they can wear them and protect their soft features from sun damage.

Everybody has a different personal style. There is a New York hat for everyone, with every kind of color and design you can think of. New York sports teams inspire many designs, as do other special New York attractions.

Choose a brilliant, shocking color to make a bold statement. Get a dull, ordinary color if you want just an ordinary hat. Try out unconventional versions to give you different looks to add to your wardrobe. The variety of hats is extensive.

The hat worn by the New York Yankees baseball team is popular all over the world, but especially in New York. When the team plays a game, they auction off the hats they wore for thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. The New York Yankees baseball hat is one of the most popular hats of all time.

So go out and buy a New York hat and give yourself the gift of a new look. It will catch the attention of others and your friends will respect your taste.