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The History Of The Aviator Hat

Many people really don’t know what an aviator hat is. They have seen them and they think that they are cool but that is the extent of it. The aviator hat became popular in the early twentieth century. It is usually made of leather and has ear flaps and a chin strap. It was used by pilots when there were open cockpit airplanes.

The pilots needed something to keep their head warm and protect their ears and they also used goggles to protect their eyes. The hats were popular and used by pilots throughout the wars. They were a great help to the men, especially in cold weather.

When the planes started having closed cockpits, it really was a blessing to the aviators, and the famous hats soon became unnecessary, even though the famed aviators Amelia Earhart, wore her hat on her flights. Charles Lindbergh was also wearing one in the cockpit of the Spirit of St. Louis, even though it was a closed cockpit.

The famous hats remained popular and they’re now gaining in popularity. One can find them in many forms and made of many materials. There is the bomber type and there are the men and women styles. There is the trapper type and the Russian type. The Russian style hat seems to be the one to have. Some of the more popular styles are the Davy Crockett hat and the bomber hat. They are fast becoming hot items.

These wonderful hats are very fashionable and practical for every day use, especially in colder climates. They are really so useful that they can be used in all climates, anywhere from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast. The hats are made from various materials including wool and fur. Some are sheepskin and many are quilted. Some materials are beaver, coyote, rabbit, muskrat and raccoon.

The hats can be lightweight for warm and mild weather to heavyweight for the colder areas. The Russian style hats are desired mostly by women because for everyday wearing they’re just plain nice looking and very feminine. The hats for men have a very useful purpose also and that is to keep one from freezing in the harsh cold. Someone like farmers feeding their cattle out in the cold, or the postman, would probably like to have an aviator hat on his or her head while delivering the mail on the very cold days of winter. No matter what your needs, you may want to check out these aviator hats and the different styles available. You are sure to like one and will most likely take one home with you.

Terrific Hats – A Must Have Hat for Every Traveller

Looking for a new hat for travelling – then look no further – a must is a leather hat from Barmah Hats direct from Australia – sometimes called The original Bush hats.

Wonderful Leather hats direct from Oz… These not only make a great gift but are terrific for anyone who likes the outdoors or travel. Designed for the harsh out back conditions found in Australia, Barmah hats are totally waterproof, and have UV protection of 50+ the wide brims can keep out the rain and protect from bright sunlight – perfect for travelling in all climates…!!

What I like is that they fold up to fit in the neat little bag that comes with the hat – so you can pack it in your luggage or backpack great way to travel light. They ‘pop’ back into shape as soon as you take them out. Barmah have patented the HAT-IN-THE-BAG concept.

The hat I have is the full grain leather hat is the Bronco its a rugged looking hat but very stylish – lovely distressed finish as if it was bought yesterday. The Bronco is a great hat – I have a couple of other brands but the Barmah has the best finish and detail. It has a snug fit to prevent it from falling off even in the most windy of conditions. It will keep its shape no matter how many time its folded ( to fit into the bag) and always pops back into shape perfectly. Sometimes as its so light you just forget you are wearing it.!

In their own words – “Barmah Hats now has its own dedicated leather manufacturing factory in Melbourne, Australia. Barmah leather provides quality advantages such as, stunning and unique full grain leathers, consistency of colours – every hat will be the same”

If you are looking at add a hat to your travelling attire I recommend a leather hat, especially the Bronco foldaway range.