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Types of Bikinis You Will See on the Beach This Season

This year will prove to be another exciting year for bikini fashions on beaches around the world.

New styles, exciting bright colors including the latest rage, the thong bikini have turned heads on the most popular and famous beaches.

First off, online bikini sales have soared to levels never seen before. Women wanting to shop for that perfect bikini from the privacy of their home are enjoying the freedom of choice without the hassle of in-store change rooms.

Today women can go online order a suit, and within a day or two try it on in the privacy of their homes. If the suit does not fit or you don’t think it fits properly, simply pack it up and send it back and try another suit.

With this said women feel the freedom to experiment a little more with styles. Pucker back bikini sales have skyrocketed. This bottom features a stitched seem up the center of the rear side, creating a gathering effect on the back of the suit. This gives the appearance of a smaller uplifted and firm backside and women love it.

Neon and Metallic colored swimwear have also become extremely popular. Every color in the rainbow can be found in a neon style swimsuit.

The camo color combinations are still very popular but are slowly losing ground to the bright colored neon suits.

Low cut underwire tops are now the norm. These tops are designed to sculpt the bosom, giving a full, rounded appearance. The confidence that the underwire gives is second to none. Women can walk on the beach feeling confident they are looking hot yet secure.

The present generation of women in North America have more than ever embraced the European mindset and have embraced the thong bikini. The thong bikini allows women to feel free, sexy and vibrant. Ask any women who has worn a thong swimsuit in public and she will quickly tell you how empowered and free she felt.

For these reasons the thong bikini has seen to largest increase in sales of all the styles. Thong sales in the past 18 months have exceeded all designs. What was once taboo is no a common weapon in most women’s arsenal of beach fashions.

Mix and match your thong with a top that suits you and will be the hit of the beach. Many women are combining a thong or tanga bottom with an underwire supported top. This combination gives the wow factor a whole new meaning.

The last item to hit the beach this year is the swim dress. Believe it or not the latest styles of swim dresses are so hot. Imagine going to a party in the evening on the beach and sliding into the water for a quick dip before bed. This year’s swim dress styles are hot when dry but when they are wet, the clingy fabric is stunning. When you get back to your room, simply hang it up like a regular swimsuit and it is ready to go for another outing.

Breaking the Rules Raw Men’s Clothing in Fashion

Three designers of menswear translate creative man today in a different perspective. Ichwan Thoha bring flamboyant side, Ai Syarif berated the boundary rule, and Samuel Wattimena give new nuances in traditional materials.

All three demonstrate their design collections in the session “Men Fashion” in Kemang Fashion Week, which took place at Lippo Mall Kemang.
Senior designer Samuel Wattimena 15 carries clothing from the collection which he gave the theme of “Passion”. Moved his inspiration from everyday lifestyle today’s man.

If all this material is a tradition with modern fashion, then Samuel as if to refute that view. Hence later traditions such as batik material, striated, and endep bali though he became a fashionable T-shirt or shirt.

T-shirt or a piece of batik shirts that make them interesting variety. Mix and match colors or customized with long shorts. For second-line design ready for life’s Samuel tend to play in bright colors, such as red, orange, blue, yellow, and purple.

With the theme “Undoubtedly Flamboyan”, Ichwan Thoha as shouting that men can also look flamboyant without hesitation. This theme was taken Ichwan since moved from his childhood experiences which used to be called flamboyant. She admitted, she would rather buy clothes than toys.

It is also influenced by the sensational born 28 outfit. Ichwan flamboyant in perception among other accessories shirt with bow tie and bright colors. The draft was combined with the shorts above the knee are also brightly colored.

In the second part of the show, she models the collection Ichwan underwear, swimwear, and bicycle pants that accentuate the sexiness of men’s masculinity as well. Varian bright colors and motifs of lines or colors blend to give a warm impression.

Ai Syarif chose the theme “Individualism” to take him break through the mode which has been the standard grip unspoken but true. For example, a shirt or suit should be equivalent to cotton trousers and so on.

In a collection of 20 designs, Ai would like to say that the fashion rule does not apply. So he tried to hit the color or be matched tops and pants.

With bali woven material, presented a collection that combines floral motifs with boxes. Or shirt and jacket with knee-length shorts. To design a suit, there is detail in the chest that makes it no longer innocent. There are also designs that are combined with a denim jacket short.