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The Plight for the Perfect Graduation Dress

Graduations are such precious and joyous occasions. It marks the successful completion of one of the junctures of education and at the same time, it also signifies the glorious beginning of another part of one’s life. Thus, looking your best is a must. Graduations only happen a few times in a single lifetime and of course, you would want to clean up good and dress up nicely in this picture-perfect moment. Can you afford to look awkward and ugly on a photo that will hang on your living room wall forever? I bet not.

The pressure of selecting a graduation outfit is weightier for women. For men, it is as easy as getting a coat and tie and grooming with a nice clean shave and a haircut. For women, there are so many styles, colors, patterns and fabric for graduation dresses that can be considered. Thus, the dilemma in scouting for the look that you can pull off is a weight around the shoulders. To cut the long list of styles, here are some suggestions that you can use depending on your personality, physical assets and preferences:

· SNOOTY BUT SOPHISTICATED – Are you receiving your diploma with honors? A consistent straight A’s student? Perhaps you want to steal the show with a high-powered look that your batch mates will never forget! To go for the stunning but sophisticated look, a black velveteen dress that molds your body into a bottle-shaped curve is a good option for a dress. Other variations can come in brown, nude or other neutral colors that are not too blinding but will definitely emit the “high-powered” aura that fits your personality.

· SWEET AND NEAT – This is of course a no-brainer. Most girls would want to look preppy and feminine when dressing up on special occasions. A nice idea for a pattern is princess-cut ball gown dress with a sweetheart neckline and a short hem. Prettify it with accents such as appliques, intricate beadwork and even sequins that will make you glimmer in any part of the room.

· SIMPLE AND CLASSY – Grecian-inspired dresses is the ultimate simple yet classy item that are easy on the eyes and easy on comfort too. Other variations can be ruffled dresses, A-line dresses, one-shouldered dresses and bateau-cut dresses. As long as the style is not over-the-top and the color is mild and neat to look at, having the simple and classy outfit can also be a show-stopper.

Since graduations are formal celebrations, one must avoid too many dramatic ideas in just one dress. The key to the ideal graduation dress is to be simple. In fashion, the rule “less is more”, apply most of the time. You just have to embrace the way you look and carry yourself as if you are wearing a crown.