Personalised Polo Shirts Prove Humour Is Subjective

Personalised polo shirts are almost impossible to ignore unless you remain indoors as evening sets in and holiday annually in your back garden; and even then there’s every chance some dimwit will turn up with a beer funnel and a personalised polo shirt and commence to chant, “Chug! Chug! Chug!” every time you go to take a sip of your Pinot Grigio.

You see, for those of us who holiday abroad and enjoy the occasional night out, there is no way of avoiding personalised polo shirts; they’re everywhere. Per se, there is absolutely nothing wrong with such customised garments, as they help to build unity and get everyone in the spirit for a good night out. It’s just the lack of imagination that gets my goat. One thing’s for sure, if nothing else personalised polo shirts help to prove just how subjective humour is to every individual. Let’s have a look at a few examples of some questionable t shirt slogans to prove the point.

Let’s start with a particularly loutish affair: all the slogan “Drink triple, see double, act single” misses is a great big ‘wahey!’ at the end.

Or for the discerning female holiday maker, how about: “I used to care, but now I take a pill for that.” Not only is this an example of a hilarious t shirt, it also raises an important ethical issue of our time. Anyone wearing this t-shirt in and around Magaluf could justifiably be labelled as a ‘thinker’.

If you’re fed up of moral standpoints and just want to let your hair down, this beautiful bit of prose helps you to achieve just that: “Buy me a shot, I’m 21, and HOT!.” Now as with humour, beauty is subjective; but not in this case. The wearer of this shirt can only be inconceivably beautiful or handsome, because it says so on the t-shirt. Incidentally, the top selling size of this t-shirt is extra extra large.

What about when your stag-do, hen party or group holiday is a winter affair. Don’t worry, there is still plenty of opportunity to show off not only your great sense of humour but also your impeccable taste. How about a polo shirt with: “What happens on Santa’s lap stays on Santa’s lap,” emblazoned across the chest? This is not only tasteless, it is also not on to implicate Santa, a happily married man, in any shenanigans that simply did not take place; unless of course they did, in which case he deserves everything he gets.

If you’re going away then personalised polo shirts can add a whole heap of fun to your trip. We’re British, and famed for our sense of humour, so come up with something original and funny. See it as a competition.

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