How to Be Pretty

Do you have nice features, but you’re not sure how to enhance them without looking fake? Then this article is for you!

Look Amazing

Clean up your skin. Blotches, ash marks, dirt, and acne are not very pretty. Aim to shower or bathe every day with a body wash that works for you. Use deodorant to keep your sweat-prone areas fresh. Remember: The best skin you could possibly have is free of acne, well moisturized, protected from UV rays, not greasy, and radiantly bright. So a good cleansing program and oil-free sunscreen is a must. Some moisturizers have silicone in them, which can make your face oily and unpleasant. When shopping for a moisturizer, be sure to pick up one that says it has SPF in it. This will keep your face away from sun rays.

Enhance Your Features and Flaws

Buy clothing that flatters you. Black clothes are slimming, as are vertical stripes. If it doesn’t flatter your body type, don’t wear shirts that are too low, or shirts or skirts too short. Ask people at your favorite clothing store to help you find clothing that is flattering to your figure.

Radiate the “Pretty” in You

Believe you are beautiful! If you don’t think it, no one else will. Simply look in the mirror and say, “I am beautiful.” Although you may not think so, everyone is beautiful in their own way. You can look the part by smiling. That is the easiest way to be pretty. Remember – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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