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Join the Hat Craze!

It is a long-standing New York Tradition to wear hats. The movie “New York Hat” brought this back to the public fashion trends and started a snowballing popularity of the New York hat that has spread across the entire country. While once only considered fashionable among the elite class, now everybody wants to wear the famous hat.

Many styles exist now in so many different colors it is staggering. Everybody wants their own special fit, a design unique to the individual. People across America are making fashion statements with New York hats.

These hats have a sensual attraction to them and are most definitely considered stylish in modern fashion. Sales have continued to increase as more people want them. Some time ago, hats were just worn by people who had to labor in the outdoor sun everyday because the hats would protect them from sunburn.

Men can wear these hats and so can women. It is an artful fashion for anyone. Men can use them to fashionably protect the tops of their heads in the sun. While that same sun shines on women, they can wear them and protect their soft features from sun damage.

Everybody has a different personal style. There is a New York hat for everyone, with every kind of color and design you can think of. New York sports teams inspire many designs, as do other special New York attractions.

Choose a brilliant, shocking color to make a bold statement. Get a dull, ordinary color if you want just an ordinary hat. Try out unconventional versions to give you different looks to add to your wardrobe. The variety of hats is extensive.

The hat worn by the New York Yankees baseball team is popular all over the world, but especially in New York. When the team plays a game, they auction off the hats they wore for thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. The New York Yankees baseball hat is one of the most popular hats of all time.

So go out and buy a New York hat and give yourself the gift of a new look. It will catch the attention of others and your friends will respect your taste.

Choosing the Best Grad Gowns

A graduation is one of the things that every individual has to go through in life. This is mainly because it takes a person from one level to another in an official manner. There is a lot that is involved in a graduation and one of the things is a gown. Grad gowns are specific requirements for individuals to graduate from any given level to another. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that when the time comes you have all the necessary guidelines on how to choose the best graduation regalia.


People vary in size. This is something that should be well understood before going for your grad gowns. There are some people that will look perfect in a particular size of graduation regalia than others and vice versa. Conversely, most grad gowns are usually designed in a particular size that can fit everyone. This is the perfect alternative to get a customized gown. These gowns are usually preferred by most people because they are readily available and they are ideal and comfortable for the occasion.


The color of the gown usually depends on the graduation and the level of graduation. PhD regalia may be different from any other academic regalia or choir gown and this means that you have to select the right color for your specific occasion. Most of the time individuals are usually given the specific color that they need to put on in order to be similar. This gives individuals a good opportunity to settle for perfect grad gowns since they do not have to decide on the color on their own. If however the color is not specified, it is important to go for a gown color that matches perfectly with the graduation level you are going for.


This is another perfect factor that should be looked at when choosing grad gowns. There are different types of fabrics that are available in the market. These fabrics vary in quality. It is advisable to go for high quality grad gowns though it depends on your preference and how much you value your graduation occasion. The fabric should be of good quality and the design should be perfect for the graduation ceremony.


There are very many designs of grad gowns that are available in the market. There are those that are ready made and it is also possible to get a design that is according to your preference. It is however important to ensure that the design is not far from other individual’s design. This is basically to make you look like part of the graduating class. Ensure therefore that when you are selecting your graduation academic regalia, it is according to the design that is recommended by the faculty especially if you are designing your own gown.


Grad gowns vary in cost depending on the design, quality, occasion and other dependable factors. With this in mind, ensure that you settle for a gown that is within your financial reach. This will avoid any financial constraints.

Daniel Mananta so iconic Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

The emcee Daniel Mananta elected Indonesian icon Fashion Week 2013, his achievements as a fashion entrepreneur with a brand Damn! I Love Indonesia is considered in accordance with the spirit of the annual fashion event.

“Iconic Fashion Week catwalk usually frequent, but I was selected because I was a fashion entrepreneur,” Daniel said when giving a press conference in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Daniel said he was happy to be involved in the Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 and helped carry the Indonesian culture to the world.

“This is a good mission to support entrepreneurs making fashion clothing line, let alone had the vision to make Indonesia the center of the fashion world in 2025,” added Daniel.

Panama Montecristi Fino Hats

We regularly receive calls and emails asking about better quality Panama hats. Many people know that these hats are painstakingly woven by hand in and around the small town of Montecristi, Ecuador. The locals know the plant (carludovica palmata) as “paja toquilla”. The “fino” quality (and above) can be quite expensive – even into the thousands of dollars – so it is no surprise that potential hat buyers want to know as much as they can before purchasing. Further complicating questions about the material itself [the topic for an article coming soon] is the fact that these hats often come to the North American market in their most basic state – unblocked, without a sweatband, and without a decorative trim. Buying the hat this way has advantages and disadvantages. I have traveled around the world with my basic unblocked Montecristi Fino hat and it has served me very well. But because most hats in N. America come to the retail market in a more finished state, the hat requires some explanation.

1. Portability: Panama hats are famous in that they can be rolled like fine linen and stored in a balsa wood box, often with the Ecuadorian flag decorating the box (we will include one with a purchase). This is true, but the owner must understand that this will create a crease in the crown of the hat. For many (myself included) this is no problem – the crease becomes a style point, not dissimilar from the “optimo” style crown (a style that almost certainly was born from the fact of this crease which runs laterally on the hat’s crown from the front of the head to the back). Half the hat is folded into the other half and it is carefully rolled from there. The big cigar shape is then held in place by double or triple looping the grosgrain trim (that otherwise adorns the hat at the base of the crown helping to snuggly hold the hat on one’s head) and slipping it around the rolled hat. From there, the hat can be stored in the box, packed in a suitcase, or (as I have been known to do) put in the pocket of one’s trousers when walking about and choosing not to wear the hat. When the hat is unrolled, it may take some minutes (or longer) for the material to relax and expand so that it is again “a hat”. Constantly rolling and unrolling your Panama hat will shorten its life span, as the straw will eventually crack. If you are a stickler for getting the absolute most time of service from products that you purchase, we recommend not rolling your hat.

2. Sweatband: Note that this hat does not come with one. If it did, its portability via rolling would be greatly compromised. This is the hat in its most basic form as per its fabled pre-Columbian history. The hat’s inside, where contact is made with one’s forehead, will discolor via sweat markings over time.

3. Trim: We include two options with a purchase. a. The traditional grosgrain ribbon. Place the hat on your head. Run the ribbon around the base of the crown and pull it so that the hat fits snuggly, not too tight, on your head. Tie a knot or make a bow at the point where the fit is most comfortable. Typically this knot or bow is slid to the left side for man and to the right side for woman. NOTE THAT THIS TRIM CINCHING THE HAT ON YOUR HEAD CREATES A NICE LOOKING STYLE. Until now, you may have been wondering, “This is a hat?” – now hopefully you will see it. Read number one above for the function of this trim while packing your hat for travel. b. The elastic trim. During a trip to Ecuador, we discovered some upscale boutiques sold trim that was elasticized so that the hat wearer could simply stretch the trim onto the hat. When we returned to California, we purchased the material and now make these ourselves. We include one, as an option, with a purchase.

4. Blocking: If owning an unblocked hat, without a sweatband and fixed trim, is not your predilection, you can either purchase a finished Panama hat or have your hat blocked and finished yourself. Peruse our web site,, for many examples of finished Panama hats in various qualities and styles. Or, research someone in your vicinity who blocks and finishes hats. Collaborate with him/her, given the limitations of the hatter’s blocks, trims, and sweatband materials, and have a custom hat finished to your specifications. [Note: People who now do this work are few and far between. Your options locally may be limited.]

5. Care: We included care instructions with a purchase.

Like any article of clothing that is worn, this hat has a life span. – it will not last forever. Many value these hats beyond simple apparel – they are beautiful and as the artisan weavers get old or die, fewer young people are choosing this arduous career. The hat purchaser must decide for himself/herself how to balance these questions and ultimately, how much to use these hats versus admiring them on a pedestal.

Enjoy your hat!

Fred Belinsky

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Making Fashion Statements Through Optical Illusions

June 28, 2019   Clothing and Accessories   No comments

Buying a dress is easy. All you have to do is hit the nearest boutique, try a few dresses that catch your attention, and pay for it. However, if you are rooting for “the perfect dress”, knowing your body type, aside from the latest trends, is a must. Runway diva and coach extraordinaire J. Alexander once said that fashion is different from trend. Trend is simply what’s “in” in fashion at the moment, while fashion is determining your body type and knowing which clothes will bring out your assets and will conceal the parts which you do not want to show off. In that case, a fashion advice is what you will need and not a trend advice. Here are some tips for optical illusion that you can use depending on your body structure:


Perhaps many people are voicing out their jealousy on you due to your lean and long-limbed structure. However, it is quite understandable that even skinny people, which many considers as the ideal body type, also has insecurities. Many skinny girls who have fast metabolism, which makes it so hard to put on weight, are tired of looking stick skinny and simply wants to just plunge into a more defined curvy body. If you are struggling to be a little on the curvy side, wear dresses that has horizontal stripes on them. This creates an optical illusion that the wearer is wider that she really is. Also, avoid wearing black. It is a very popular fashion trick that black is the color for people who want to look skinnier than they actually are. Go for lighter colors. Additional tip: wearing white pants with wide pockets add a little volume to your rear. Also, women who were not well-endowed on the chest can wear V-neck tops and dresses to create an impression of a deeper cleavage.


Being big-boned is not a curse compared to what many women believe. Whether one would believe it or not, even fashion models that have big bone structures such as supermodel Tyra Banks and top model Whitney Thompson, winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10, also had their own share of frustrations and boo-hoos regarding their big-boned body structure. Instead of fretting, know the tips that will create a slimmer mirage of your body silhouette. As mentioned above, black is the no-brainer effortless color for women who want to look slimmer instead. Not only is black the color of elegance which has the ability to command a room, but black is also good in tricking the eyes of your on-lookers. Sport that famous little black dress and make the streets your very own runway as you strut your stuff.

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The History Of The Aviator Hat

June 28, 2019   Clothing and Accessories

Many people really don’t know what an aviator hat is. They have seen them and they think that they are cool but that is the extent of it. The aviator hat became popular in the early twentieth century. It is usually made of leather and has ear flaps and a chin strap. It was used by pilots when there were open cockpit airplanes.

The pilots needed something to keep their head warm and protect their ears and they also used goggles to protect their eyes. The hats were popular and used by pilots throughout the wars. They were a great help to the men, especially in cold weather.

When the planes started having closed cockpits, it really was a blessing to the aviators, and the famous hats soon became unnecessary, even though the famed aviators Amelia Earhart, wore her hat on her flights. Charles Lindbergh was also wearing one in the cockpit of the Spirit of St. Louis, even though it was a closed cockpit.

The famous hats remained popular and they’re now gaining in popularity. One can find them in many forms and made of many materials. There is the bomber type and there are the men and women styles. There is the trapper type and the Russian type. The Russian style hat seems to be the one to have. Some of the more popular styles are the Davy Crockett hat and the bomber hat. They are fast becoming hot items.

These wonderful hats are very fashionable and practical for every day use, especially in colder climates. They are really so useful that they can be used in all climates, anywhere from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast. The hats are made from various materials including wool and fur. Some are sheepskin and many are quilted. Some materials are beaver, coyote, rabbit, muskrat and raccoon.

The hats can be lightweight for warm and mild weather to heavyweight for the colder areas. The Russian style hats are desired mostly by women because for everyday wearing they’re just plain nice looking and very feminine. The hats for men have a very useful purpose also and that is to keep one from freezing in the harsh cold. Someone like farmers feeding their cattle out in the cold, or the postman, would probably like to have an aviator hat on his or her head while delivering the mail on the very cold days of winter. No matter what your needs, you may want to check out these aviator hats and the different styles available. You are sure to like one and will most likely take one home with you.

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Celebrate Your Graduation Ceremony With Deluxe and Economy Master Gowns

June 27, 2019   Clothing and Accessories

Graduation Day is a one of the most important days in the life on an student. It holds great importance as it is the day when you can proudly call yourself a graduate. Students and academics prepare for this day well in advance so that all arrangements on this day are perfect. The graduation gown is among the most important details on the graduation day. Every degree holder has a different gown to be worn. A student receiving a bachelor’s degree will have a different gown as compared to those receiving their masters’ degree. Kindergarten, college, bachelors and master gown can now be purchased online.

A few weeks before the grand graduation ceremony, people generally scuttle around in the hope of finding the perfect gown. Although graduation gowns look drab, boring and are no different from the others, there are certain elements that can be played around with to make the gown stand out in a crowd. The accessories, charms and tassels are what separate one gown from the other. For graduation accessories and a master gown that fits perfectly, you can visit online stores that have a huge range of gowns and accessories to choose from.

Buying clothing like the master gown online was not as popular as it is now. People generally went for a hired gown that could be returned after the graduation ceremony. Another problem with online shopping is the fact that one has no idea about the fabric or the quality of the robe. Today however there are an increasing number of people who are choosing to buy their graduation gowns that they can retain as reminders of a fond memory. For many people, the degree is the last phase as a student, and prefer to preserve the mater gown for its nostalgic value.

The internet has several sites that have become popular for selling all kinds of graduation gowns. Students who prefer to buy their gowns can go to these websites. Also, schools and colleges that wish to provide the gowns to students can avail the bulk discounts available at these sites. Depending on your requirements you can choose to buy a gown via an online portal. Buying a gown online is an easy process as the sites are very well planned and have all information on matters that concern purchase of bachelor or master gown. There are sizing charts to suit all individuals. There is also price range that you can choose depending on your budget.

There is no moment that can compare to the feeling of honor and pride that you feel on your graduation day. It is truly a day that goes down in history. Your graduation day has to be a special one as a few years later you will look back and recall fond memories. Due the value this day holds in the life of an individual preparing for it by purchasing a master gown has to be done appropriately.

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Rihanna will showcase Fashion Product Design Expertise

June 27, 2019   Clothing and Accessories

Rihanna will showcase its expertise in designing fashion products by launching a new collection at London Fashion Week (LFW).

Printer hit “Umbrella” This has included a collection of fashion design products to the UK retail store River Island and will be introduced through a demonstration of the most prestigious fashion event in the UK.

“The launch at London Fashion Week was a dream come true for me. I’ve wanted to design my own collection for a long time, and my collection memersembahkan to River Island, along with other talented designers at LFW, is a real honor. I can not wait again to see the reaction of my fans and the press area of ​​fashion! “Rihanna said.

The collection includes clothing and accessories and will be released in River Island stores in the UK. The collection will be available also at Opening Ceremony stores in the U.S. and Japan.

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How to Fit Your Leather Bush Hat

June 26, 2019   Clothing and Accessories

You might not think you need to be told how to put on a bush hat and which size is right for you. These are things you should know instinctively, right? However, after years of experience, Aussie cattle drovers have developed a certain knack, which ensures that the hat stays firmly on and suffers minimal wear and tear.

When trying on a leather bush hat, you may occasionally find that one size is too small but the next size up is too large. We recommend you take the smaller size. Leather is a natural material that will breathe and change shape over time. You might like to give it a head start by pulling it over your knee to stretch it. Soon your bush hat will mould to the shape of your head for ultimate comfort.

To put your hat on, smooth any hair away from your forehead and place the front of the hat on your head. The ribbon always goes at the back. Then, using the palm of your hand, push the hat down from the back of the crown. You can wear your hat with the brim level with your eyes or you can wear it pushed back in the typical laid-back Aussie style.

Take care not to pinch the front of your hat when putting it on your head. This will cause a sharp point which will be likely to wear. Tugging the brim to ensure the hat is on properly can also cause damage. By putting it on this way, your bush hat should stay firmly on your head, even on the windiest of days and you can maintain the iconic Australian shape of your hat and avoid any unnecessary wear and tear. When not being worn, we recommend that you rest the hat upside down on the crown or hang it from a peg.

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Awesomely Awkward Wedding Photos

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