What You Should Know About Cowboy Hat Styles

Cowboy hat styles come in different types of materials, brands and features. While there are many styles, a cowboy hat is one of the most recognizable types of hats. If you are purchasing for yourself or for someone else it’s a good idea to know which of the western hat styles are best suited for you or for the person you are giving the hat to. There are many types of colors, sizes and styles that you can select from.

This style of hat is perfect for outdoor use. If you spend an extended amount of time in the sun, the hat will provide shade for your face and decrease bright glares that will come from the sun. Also you can count on the hat to protect your head and scalp by keeping it cool, in addition preventing sunburns.

Before making a purchase, take a measurement of your head or the head of the person you’re buying the hat for. That way you will know what size hat you will need. Simply take a measuring tape and wrap it around the head. This will tell you the circumference.

When shopping for different hat styles, you will soon notice that they come in a variety of materials. The most popular materials are felt or straw. Felt is ideal if you spend a long time outdoors, as it will provide better protection against UV rays. And because of the stronger material of felt, these cowboy hat styles are rugged and can handle a lot of abuse. If you’re looking for long-lasting cowboy hat, one made of felt is your best choice. The one problem is that there is no ventilation and tend be uncomfortable in hot, humid weather. If you live in a warm environment or have extremely warm summer seasons, you can expect some dripping sweat with the felt cowboy hat.

Then you have straw styles. These provide excellent ventilation and are quite breathable. Your head will be nice and cool while wearing a straw cowboy hat. However, they tend to be stiff and not quite as comfortable as a felt hat. And of course, don’t expect a lot of protection against harmful UV rays with the straw hat.

You are better off buying a hat that is made of straw and felt. These cowboy hat styles will give you the benefit of both materials. This combination hat is cool and breathable, with the added bonus of being strong and long-lasting.

There are many hat companies to choose from. The most popular and leading manufacturers of cowboy hats include Resistol, Stetson and Miller. Prices vary greatly based upon the brand and the cowboy hat styles. However, you don’t have to buy name brand to get a stylish and quality made hat. There are several inexpensive hats that you can select from. Whether you buy name brand or not, shopping online is always the best choice. You can shop the comfort from your home and there are many discounts online that you will not find at your local western store.