Transparent Wear Dresses at the Official Event, Condemned Israel PM’s wife

It’s the one costume, wearing a transparent lace accented dress, wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be the object of controversy in his own country. Moreover, the clothes worn in formal occasions Sara Netanyahu, the swearing-in Knesset (Israeli parliament).

With the clothes, which showed the arm, shoulder, and abdomen, Sara bombarded with criticism, both from the conservative and secular in Israel. Critics consider that kind of clothing should not be worn in an official event.

“Got me, and all the people of Israel to wonder: what’s on your mind Sara Netanyahu while wearing the dress Tuesday,” according to the Israeli media published articles, Haartez, as reported by Al Arabiya.

In other media, the Times of Israeli, one fashion commentator with a sarcastic tone said, Mrs. Netanyahu look like the Michelin tire ads.

Commentators were calling the dress “cheap” and “highly inappropriate”. Other commentators even suggested Netanyahu took her out to the streets of the United States, specifically for clothes shopping.

Not to forget the fashion critics also compared the mother Sara Netanyahu with other countries. “He might not like Michelle Obama a fashion icon, or a supermodel like Carla Bruni, wife of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy,” the Haaretz published. “But he’s not even nothing compared to Hillary Clinton, Laura or Barbara Bush, or another lady who always look elegant.”

Criticism also came from the ultra-orthodox Jews. According to Israeli religious circles, Mrs. Netanyahu should wear clothing that is more polite, let alone a number of rabbis also attend.