Things to Consider When Choosing Horse Riding Hats

Riding is one of the much-loved sports by many people both in the United States and the United Kingdom or even the other European countries. From the beginner to the professional class, all have the same risk in riding a horse, i.e. the fatal injury. Riding safety equipment are a must for those who want security. Horse riding hats are the most important elements of safety gear in riding.

Horse riding hats not only can protect your head from the risk of falling when you ride, but also can protect your head from a horse’s kick while you’re not riding it. Maybe you could borrow it, but it would be better if you have one that fits properly your had to get the maximum level of safety.

Choosing the brand of horse riding helmets that have international standard quality certification is vital. Usually for the United States and its surrounding areas, you must have a standard of ASTM qualification (American Society for Testing Materials) or SEI (Safety Equipment Institute). And for the UK, you must have the kite mark of BSI (British Standards Institute).

All these riding institutions have the authority to determine which products deserve to be qualified as the standards of international quality helmet. All the products of the equestrian riding hats will be reviewed by experts in the field, of course, all products must go through several stages of testing and strict supervision. So, you do not have to wonder in the quality of the products having ASTM or BSI kite marked.

When you buy it at the local store, it is better to try it first in order to know which one fits your head size. To get the maximum protection, it is recommended that the helmet covers the entire forehead, approximately just above your eyebrows. Do not forget to pay attention to the back of your head; all parts must be covered as well.

To increase the comfort while you ride, you should choose the strict helmet to avoid a rocked one. However, choosing a too strict helmet also is not good for you, so choose one that can provide you the required comfort.

Ventilation is also important for proper riding conditions. Good riding hats usually have good ventilation, and therefore they can avoid the head from sweat and make it stay cool.

Make sure the riding hats chosen have a guarantee to ensure the product qualification. A superior quality product usually will provide warranty up to four years. It can be ascertained that the helmet can last up to four years or more.

Do not buy cheap or used helmets; you certainly do not want to get your safety threatened. Although slightly more expensive, but your safety is principal. Also do not try to wear other helmets such as bike helmets, motorcycles’, ice hockey’s or any other types of helmet.

Besides the horse riding hats, back protector is also an important part for a safe riding. Although the back protector cannot provide you a guarantee to avoid you from injuries, but at least it may reduce their risks.