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10 Tips For Wearing A Saree Perfectly

As an Indian woman, one of the greatest sartorial privileges that we get is that of wearing the graceful attire called a saree. This beautiful garment has the entire world gaping in awe at its sheer magnificence, and is rapidly gaining popularity in the West. The wearer of a saree can make or mar its elegance with the way they choose to wear it. Even though to a beginner, it might seem as nine yards of fabric, that does not offer much in terms of creativity, as you perfect the art of wearing a saree, you’ll realize that there is a lot that you can experiment with in this masterpiece of a garment.

However you choose to wear your saree, here’s a quick look at the most important tips to bear in mind, so as not to ruin your saree’s look:

1. Wear your heels before you start draping the saree- this will help to ensure that you do not have a saree that’s too high once you slip on your heels. Ideally, the length of the saree should be such that your toes are just exposed.

2. An ill-fitted blouse is a big no-no when wearing a saree- make an effort to get your altered if it’s a size too small or big.

3. Do not wear a saree straight from the shop, until you have the “fall,” which is a strip of cotton stitched to the bottom, tailored on to it. This is important to keep the saree in place once you wear it.

4. Get a petticoat in a shade as close to that of your saree stitched along with it. You can also buy a readymade one. Fasten the drawstring as tight as possible when wearing the saree, to keep the pleats firmly in place. Make sure that your petticoat isn’t too flared, and reaches the length of your ankles, covering your legs completely.

5. The pleats should be of equal width, as uneven pleats end up looking unsightly once tucked in. You can use a pleat maker, available in the market, to help you in the beginning. You might also consider buying a readymade saree, in which the pleats are already done for you, and you just have to slip it on like a long skirt.

6. Pleat the pallu’s end before deciding how many pleats you want at the front of the saree, to avoid ending up with an uneven pallu.

7. Be careful about the length of the pallu- too short is ungraceful, and too long runs a risk of you tripping over it. The ideal length is until the back of your knees.

8. Make use of safety pins to hold the pleats, as well as the pallu, and to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

9. If you have a toned midriff, then go ahead an flaunt it with alluring styles like a side slung pallu, or a thinly-folded one. However, if you have bulges to conceal, make perfect use of the saree’s versatility, with styles like the Gujarati style, which allow you to cover up while still keeping it sexy.

10. Finally, accessorize your saree correctly. Less is more when it comes to accessorizing this flamboyant garment. Let the resplendent embroidery on your saree hog the limelight, and keep the rest of your accessories understated, yet classy.

There is a perfect saree for everyone out there. Just look for the one that defines your individual style statement, and flaunt it with panache. With the above pointers, you should face no trouble in scoring a perfect ten on the trend meter!

How to Pick a Fashion Style for Older Women

Clothing styles have a vast assortment of fashion trends from which to choose. Older women can look sharp in clothing designed to complement their bodies and fit comfortably. Skintight sweaters and low-cut jeans are out. Stylish dresses, sassy slacks and flattering skirts are in.

1. Shop for tailored skirt lines with back and side slits to show off your legs. Hemlines that fall just below the knee are flattering when made with A-lined patterns and slightly relaxed waistlines.

2. Pair calf-length skirts with classic button-front blouses in comfortable no-press cotton blend fabrics for an easy care style that is ready to wear right from the dryer. Opt for relaxed cut blazers that offer older women more shoulder room for bending and twisting.

3. Find full-figured slacks with hidden expandable waistbands for comfort. Made with button-in pleats, expandable-waist pants offer style and versatility for the over-50 woman who demands more from her clothing.

4. Don hip-length baby-doll sweaters to flatter a wider waistline. Designed to flair slightly from the shoulders, these sweaters complement pants and skirts and offer stylish warmth for those winter months.

5. Find one-piece swimwear in various torso lengths with built-in tummy control panels and boy-cut legs for extra coverage. Slip on a mid-thigh cover-up over your swimsuit, made from an open-weave fabric and spend a day at the beach.

6. Wear the prints you like. Forget about the old adage of choosing tiny prints as you get older. Choose from bold colorful patterns that make you feel good. Today’s clothing makers offer a wide range of sizes and styles in the latest fashion fabrics.