Stay Safe in the Sun With Sun Hats and Swimming Shirts

Protect yourself and your family from the sun’s harmful rays this summer with sun hats, swimming shirts and other protective garments. It’s great to get to the pool or the beach when the sun is out, but you should be wary of the harmful effects of UV radiation, which has the potential to cause melanoma and other skin cancers. Save yourself the time and hassle of having to cover yourself and your kids with sun block every hour or so with protective sun wear, designed to let you enjoy the sun while protecting you from radiation. With sun hats in a variety of styles to help provide the maximum protection to the face and neck and swimming shirts and shorts offering the equivalent of SPF-50 protection, you can enjoy the great weather safely. Each range comes in a wide variety of summery and sporty styles, so your sun protection doesn’t have to come at the expense of fashion at the beach this summer.

What kinds of sun hats are there?

Sun hats come in an enormous variety of styles, ranging from legionnaire style sun hats for toddlers to stylish designer hats for beach fashionistas. They typically come with a large brim to shade and protect the face, ears and neck, or have large flaps to cover the back of the head. Other common sun hats include simple visors and caps or bucket hats for a more casual appearance, or even full hoods to cover up even more of your neck. Fashion conscious ladies can don a range of elaborate and elegant hats in a range of styles that offer protection from the sun without compromising on style. Sun hats are especially important for young children, as they keep vulnerable areas on the face and neck covered while offering relief from the sun’s heat.

Why should I wear a swimming shirt?

Swimming shirts are chlorine resistant and offer a more reliable alternative to sun block, as even the most water resistant sun block will begin to rub off after a couple of trips into the pool. Swimming shirts also offer a quicker and surer method of covering up, so you needn’t worry about missing a spot, or have to spend half your time applying and reapplying sun block – just throw on a swimming shirt, rub sun block on exposed areas and you are good to go! Swimming shirts offer particular peace of mind for parents of young children, as at a single glance you can be sure they are covered up, but with a range of sizes and styles to suit the whole family, they really offer a cost-effective and reliable alternative to sun block.

Swimming shirts and sun hats make a great combination!

With the dual protection that comes from wearing sun hats and swimming shirts, you’ll know that your family is well protected from the sun’s harmful rays this summer. Specially designed to offer high protection from the sun and more reliable in the water than sun block, swimming shirts are ideal whether at the beach or just going about your business on a sunny day, and an accompanying sun hat helps cover up the crucial areas around your face and neck. Stay cool and keep your family covered up this summer!