Caring for Your Leather Bush Hat

Quality leather bush hats are a great all-weather hat. They will keep you comfortable come rain or shine and will stand up to any amount of abuse. However, here are a few tips to keep your leather bush hat looking as new as the day you bought it.

Take care how you put it on

Make sure you don’t squeeze the front of your hat when putting it on. This will push your hat out of shape, causing a sharp point in the leather and exposing it to damage. Tugging the brim to make sure your hat is secure will also change the distinct Aussie shaped style of the brim.

Take care how you store it

We recommend storing your hat on a peg or resting upside down on the crown to avoid it being pushed out of shape. Also, make sure that it is kept out of any direct sunlight. Just as overexposure to ultraviolet rays can be harmful to our skin, leather is also susceptible to damage. Extreme sunlight can cause the surface to become fragile and crack or the colour to fade. By all means, wear your hat in hot and sunny weather. That is after all what it was made for but do not leave it out on a sun lounger or on the dashboard of your car for example.

Keep your hat clean

Although your hat will have been treated, it may still stain if you are not careful and these stains can be quite difficult to remove. Try to keep your hat away from makeup food or any oil-based products. If you do accidentally spill something on your hat wipe it with a soft damp cloth. If a stain is particularly persistent you could try a leather cleanser. This is readily available from your local shoe shop or department store.

9 Tricks To Make Your Clothes Look More Expensive

For most of us, spending thousands of dollars on our clothes will always be a pipe dream. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make our high-street items look like couture.

Believe it or not, there are tons of ways you can make your poly blend look more expensive, and it won’t cost you a fortune. Tricks as simple as swapping out the buttons on a garment can totally change its appearance, while ditching the belt that came with a cheap dress is almost always the right decision.

While it’s important to know which items to never skimp on, it’s equally crucial to know which pieces never require you to drop the big bucks (we’re looking at you $100 white T-shirts).

To help make your clothes look more expensive, we have nine pieces of advice that you should always keep in mind when you’re getting dressed:

1. Get your items tailored. A $10 H&M top can instantly appear pricier if it’s perfectly fitted to your body.

2. Throw on some cocktail jewelry. A statement ring, necklace or ear cuff can make any outfit stand out.

3. Keep your shoes in shape. It’s easy to let your footwear get scuffed up and worn out. Stop by the shoemaker and get him (or her) to replace the sole and shine ’em up.

4. Invest in a great coat. Your jacket is the first thing people see, so spend money on a nice one. It won’t matter what you’re wearing underneath.

5. Get your clothing dry-cleaned. Yes, it costs more money, but it will make your items last longer.

6. When it doubt, buy it in black. Darker colors tends to look more expensive as you can’t see imperfections as closely.

7. Go for va-va-voom hair. Blowouts make everything look fancier.

8. Purchase a steamer. Wrinkled satin never looks chic.

9. Store your pieces properly. Hanging

Cow Leather Vs Sheep Leather

These hides are two of the most prominent and two of the most common leathers used for making warm clothes. They are one of the most durable types of leather which are used for wearing as a coat and for motorcycle gears like jackets and boots.

People often ask whether cow leather is thicker than sheep leather? Is cow leather stiffer than sheep leather. There are a few things which should be made clear and concise. Most people think that as Cow is a strong animal so its hide is much more durable and much more stronger than Sheep hide which is obviously not true as far as the leather is concerned. These leathers can easily be differentiated by the following reasons:


Sheep hide is softer and way more comfortable than cow leather. Apart from that it gets softer, smoother and silkier with the passage of time. Cow leather can be tough and stiff if it is worn too often or if not used properly mainly because of its stringent and rough nature which could be a good choice for its users. Because of this toughness and rigid nature, people often prefer Cow leather because of its longevity.


Cow hide is without doubt way more durable as compared to its sheep counterpart because of its rough and tough nature and they are preferred by motor sport athletes such as Moto GP and F1 professional drivers. Sheep hide is subject to wear and tear and is more vulnerable as compared to other leathers. That is why people prefer cow hide. It mostly depends on the thickness of the jacket. A quality leather jacket made from Cow or Sheep Leather may well use the same level of thickness.


Cow leather is way more resistant to dirt and moisture than sheep leather. Sheep leather is a

Italian Wedding Gowns

Every woman dreams of the perfect wedding gown for that special day. Not every vision is the same; it all depends on her tastes and background. Italian wedding gowns offer many styles to appeal to discriminating tastes.

Weddings are a big event in Italy. There is a lot of celebrating and traditionally the bride and groom traveled through the whole town. Because it is such a large part of their culture, Italian designers put a lot of thought and care into the wedding gowns they design.

Wedding Gown Styles

Wedding gowns are often made from different materials, such as taffeta, chiffon, silk and lace. Gowns designed in Italy can be created from one of these materials or a combination of several to create a stunning masterpiece.

Italian silk is one material that is often seen in wedding gowns. It is handmade and adaptable, suitable to any style wedding dress from the traditional to the haute couture. It is silky and luxuriant, yet resistant to creasing, a prime choice for a dress that will be worn all day.

Italy is dedicated to its traditions, including the colors for wedding dresses. White and ivory are the two colors traditionally seen for bridal gowns. Italian designers are also known for their innovation, and they have brought some of that to the creation of different gowns. A favorite combination is pink and gold in newer gown designs and purple has been gaining popularity among designers.

Something Old or New

Whether a bride is looking for a traditional gown or something more modern, she will find an Italian wedding dress that will fit her tastes. There are many different styles available from the ones that look like they came out of a fairy tale to ones that appear to have just come off the runway, and everything in between.

They have sleek designs

Tips For Choosing The Right Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the necessary fashion accessories, especially during spring and summer. They work wonders in helping you to create a unique image. What exact style you choose really depends on personal taste and the shape of your face. Yet, no matter what style of sunglasses you purchase, it is important that you consider quality as well as style.

Here are a few tips to purchasing quality sunglasses that also look good on you.

Protection from UV

One contributing factor to eye disease is ultraviolet radiation. This is why it is important to choose a pair of sunglasses that protect you from the harmful effects of the sun and UV rays. Just because your glasses have a dark tint doesn’t mean that you are protected from UV rays. Check the UV rating before you make a purchase.

What the Sunglasses Are Made From

Generally speaking the heavier the sunglasses, the higher quality they will be. You want to ensure that the material that they are made from will last a long time and be able to resist the constant knocks that sunglasses typically take. Although you might pay more for high quality sunglasses, it will still be cheaper than replacing cheap sunglasses every time you drop them.

Different Tints

Tints are the colors that are applied to sunglasses lenses to help reduce the light that comes into contact with the eyes. The particular tint you choose is partly up to your personal taste. However, different tints will have a different effect on brightness and glare, and may distort color differently.

As an example, gray tints reduce glare and don’t distort the color. On the other hand, a yellows lens will distort the color, but sharpen your view.

To Polarize or Not to Polarize?

Sunglasses that are polarized will reduce the glare of the light which bounces off roads

Types of Bikinis You Will See on the Beach This Season

This year will prove to be another exciting year for bikini fashions on beaches around the world.

New styles, exciting bright colors including the latest rage, the thong bikini have turned heads on the most popular and famous beaches.

First off, online bikini sales have soared to levels never seen before. Women wanting to shop for that perfect bikini from the privacy of their home are enjoying the freedom of choice without the hassle of in-store change rooms.

Today women can go online order a suit, and within a day or two try it on in the privacy of their homes. If the suit does not fit or you don’t think it fits properly, simply pack it up and send it back and try another suit.

With this said women feel the freedom to experiment a little more with styles. Pucker back bikini sales have skyrocketed. This bottom features a stitched seem up the center of the rear side, creating a gathering effect on the back of the suit. This gives the appearance of a smaller uplifted and firm backside and women love it.

Neon and Metallic colored swimwear have also become extremely popular. Every color in the rainbow can be found in a neon style swimsuit.

The camo color combinations are still very popular but are slowly losing ground to the bright colored neon suits.

Low cut underwire tops are now the norm. These tops are designed to sculpt the bosom, giving a full, rounded appearance. The confidence that the underwire gives is second to none. Women can walk on the beach feeling confident they are looking hot yet secure.

The present generation of women in North America have more than ever embraced the European mindset and have embraced the thong bikini. The thong bikini allows women to feel free, sexy and vibrant. Ask any women who

Brocade Being Indonesian Muslim Fashion Trends 2013

National Muslim fashion designer, Lia Soraya, stated, brocade “lace” increasingly becoming a trend Indonesian society since the material is easy to mix and match with a variety of clothing and headscarves that cover the nakedness of Muslim women.

“Now many fashion designers in the Muslim homeland wear brocade material for his latest collection of Muslim fashion in this 2013. To that end, I accidentally present at the Indonesia Hijab Fest 2013 at Grand City,” he said, while providing a practical method of wearing hijab to a number of Indonesian visitors Hijab Fest 2013, in Surabaya, Thursday night.

According to him, to wear hijab now known or “hijab” much how. However, in order to look beautiful and fashionable, depending on each individual and the need to follow the world fashion trend.

“They also need to be creative,” he said.

If international fashion designers use brocade for clothing alone, he added, the Muslim fashion designers can mix and match with silk, cotton, and other.

“This effort to cover up the dreamy lace. Meanwhile, Moslem grip it should not be seen,” he said.

For more look fashionable, he suggested, so that fans can wear Muslim fashion what’s in the house like pasmina scarf or cloth that is rarely used. Then, these materials dikreasi with the latest models.

“Why should we have to buy new stuff. Indeed occasionally buy what should not have but if you already have at home so put to good use,” he said.

Community leader Hijabers Surabaya, Antania Febriana, justify, now increasingly rapid development of Muslim fashion. In fact, Muslim fashion designers in the country to hone their skills further.

“We should not be silent. But, should follow the trend of the world because Indonesia will be the center of Moslem fashion world in 2020,” he said.

He continued, indeed for the hijab does not have to be expensive but

Breaking the Rules Raw Men’s Clothing in Fashion

Three designers of menswear translate creative man today in a different perspective. Ichwan Thoha bring flamboyant side, Ai Syarif berated the boundary rule, and Samuel Wattimena give new nuances in traditional materials.

All three demonstrate their design collections in the session “Men Fashion” in Kemang Fashion Week, which took place at Lippo Mall Kemang.
Senior designer Samuel Wattimena 15 carries clothing from the collection which he gave the theme of “Passion”. Moved his inspiration from everyday lifestyle today’s man.

If all this material is a tradition with modern fashion, then Samuel as if to refute that view. Hence later traditions such as batik material, striated, and endep bali though he became a fashionable T-shirt or shirt.

T-shirt or a piece of batik shirts that make them interesting variety. Mix and match colors or customized with long shorts. For second-line design ready for life’s Samuel tend to play in bright colors, such as red, orange, blue, yellow, and purple.

With the theme “Undoubtedly Flamboyan”, Ichwan Thoha as shouting that men can also look flamboyant without hesitation. This theme was taken Ichwan since moved from his childhood experiences which used to be called flamboyant. She admitted, she would rather buy clothes than toys.

It is also influenced by the sensational born 28 outfit. Ichwan flamboyant in perception among other accessories shirt with bow tie and bright colors. The draft was combined with the shorts above the knee are also brightly colored.

In the second part of the show, she models the collection Ichwan underwear, swimwear, and bicycle pants that accentuate the sexiness of men’s masculinity as well. Varian bright colors and motifs of lines or colors blend to give a warm impression.

Ai Syarif chose the theme “Individualism” to take him break through the mode which has been the standard grip unspoken but true. For example, a shirt or

The Main Parts of a Beautiful Baseball Hat

Baseball hats are one of people’s important accessories nowadays. They vary in different colors, materials and patterns. However, only very few people know the main components of baseball hats.Here let’s see different parts of a baseball cap.

The top part of a baseball cap – crown which is the part where beautiful patterns are printed. Most patterns on crown of hats are alphabets, animals, geometric figure or other special designs. Embroidery patterns are also available, if you like the exquisite embroidering designs. There is a sheet of buckram added in the cap, so a baseball hat can be more firm and beautiful when wearing.

There is a button right on the top center of a cap. The button can be a connection of different pieces of cloth of the cap. The color of the button is always well matched with the color of hats. People who often wear baseball hat know that eyelets are needed to keep head cool and breathable. Eyelets are sewn with thread on its border or inlaid with a button-hole.

Panels are the main part of a baseball cap. Generally speaking, a hat is made from 6 panels which are stitched with thread of suitable colors. Of course, we can see many baseball cap are also made up of 5 or 8 panels. These hats are nice as well. The material of most hats is mainly cotton twill. This kind of cloth can absorb sweat perfectly. So it is comfortable to wear these hats.

A brim is also a crucial part of a cap. It not only modifies the hat wearer’s face shape but also prevents this person’s face from the hot sun. The brim of hat is plastic and fixed on the border of a cap. Good quality watches often have nice brim which can make people look energetic.


Do not Maximize Fashion Week Designers

EXISTENCE fashion week in Indonesia has now become its own phenomenon. Quite often, it seems to be a competition held by certain parties to lure visitors.

In fact, in a country that in fact already developed fashion industry, fashion week event is only held to show off the latest collection in every season. However, this is different to the one in Indonesia. Because, there is no definite rule how the event should be held. No doubt, if Indonesia also received the title as the country’s most widely held fashion week.

“I used to always say why not become one? Fashion week because they had a lot of egos. All pengin looking portfolio, “said Chairman Isa Sjamsidar Indonesian Fashion Designers Association (IPMI), while talking to Okezone exclusively in Energy Building, SCBD area, South Jakarta, recently.

Even so, the event may in fact also have a positive impact. According to the woman who is usually called Tjammy this, as the fashion week there can not maximize the work of the designers.

“Every fashion week, wants different collections. If it does not come, then the question arises, while in one year what events should we just follow it, “he complained.

This is different from what happened pastiya abroad. The designers who participated in a Fashion Week event where they follow, of course, will not change the existing collection.

“If overseas, such as Yves Saint Laurent has issued a collection of the latest season, will want wherever they go, which dikeluarin the collection well, too,” he explained.

Furthermore, women are usually called this Tjammy said, Fashion Week should be held by people who understand the world. However, if there are those who want to hold a fashion show, does not mean it can be called as the fashion week.

“Should Fashion Week is only one in Indonesia, may be made if such