Old West Cowboy Hats: Be As Stylish As You Wish To Be

Cowboy hats have been a significant and defining accessory that represents both functionality and style. They have been around for a good amount of time, and wearing Old West cowboy hats have even gone as far as representing good and bad. Movies typically showcase the bad guys in black hats while the good guys come in to save the world with their white hats on. The term black hat is even used these days to refer to someone who works in unethical ways or engages in illegal acts while the white hat refers to someone in a completely legal works and the gray hat is for anything in between the two.

Although this western hat is commonly associated with the cowboys from the western part of the country, its history actually goes way back in time. Characterized by its wide brim and high crown, cowboy hats were actually worn by Mongolian horsemen during as early as the 13th century. It is safe to say that they are not really a creation of pure American genius.

Generally, cowboy hats are actually made of felt. At the present though, there are more variations including ones made of leather and straw. One of the defining features of a Western hat is the small band attached inside the hat to keep it from falling off. Usually, there is also a headband on the outside for decorative purposes.

There are actually a number of good things that Old West cowboy hats have to offer to its user, especially a black one. For one, it is able to absorb more heat, so one ends up with less heat when walking around directly under the sun. Aside from direct protection from the sun, it is also a perfect solution to problems with the sun glare getting into one’s eyes. If sunglasses are not around or available, this hat can do the job as well. It also works to keep one warm when the day or night is cold.

When it comes to being stylish, on the other hand, Old West cowboy hats are also perfect in so many ways. They come in different colors ranging from the basic shades to more creative and attractive hues. The most common ones are white, black, gray and beige with the darker ones being more appealing to most people. In addition to that, black ones can easily fit with any colors. One does not have to go around and checking every outfit in mind and how it fits with a black cowboy hat.

It is also possible to wear additional accessories with Old West cowboy hats. In fact, one can choose any designs that can fit perfectly well with the look one intends to have. The hat band itself comes with different trim. It can be in horsehair or leather to add personality to the hat and make the look more pleasing and to the tee.

With a nice western hat, one gets protection from the sun and the cold air. It is also a stylish way to present oneself to the rest of the world. It might have been innovated at first for functional purposes that serve the cowboys of the West most, but it has transformed into a stylish add-on to anyone’s getup on a common day or on special occasions.