Make Your Prom and Homecoming the Night to Remember With the Perfect Dress

Homecoming and Promenade are two of the most unforgettable high school events in American history. Even our parents and grandparents have their own share of romantic and fun homecoming or prom story that they will forever treasure. High school is like a jar of gummy bears, it is always sweet and worth taking the memory lane no matter what. Not attending the homecoming or prom is like losing half of your youth. Yes, it is only for one night, but who could forget the careless spirits throwing all cautions to the air while simply being young, wild and free? Homecoming and prom… at one point or another, they were the best nights of your life.

While prom is the most awaited day in high school, the days before it can be very stressful: the search for the perfect prom dress. With your mom or a friend who is also looking for her own, you would scout the malls for the “IT” dress; that one dress where people will see you in a different light. While the fact that there are thousands of colors, designs, patterns and fabric to choose from for a prom dress wouldn’t help, one must remember that choosing the dress that you will be wearing is much like visualizing who you want to be seen as. Create the perfect impression by picking out a dress that will embody the real you. And here are tips that you can use:

Know your body type. Forget about what you see in the magazines. Magazines take pictures of modelesque and perfect-looking dolls. What they portray is perfection and unless you look like a top fashion model one must stick to reality and focus on what would look good on you.

  • Choose the fabric. How is the dress made? Does it fall in the right places or does it make you look bulky and bigger? The fabric can make or break the dress.
  • Haute couture. In French, the word “couture” means cut. The cut of the dress will also help reveal your assets.
  • Deviate from trends. Going back to magazines, try not to pick a dress which is a latest trend as of the moment. Chances are, other female students will also go for what is trendy at that moment. Surely, you do not want to arrive wearing the same dress that everyone does.


The clanking goblets, the flowing and colorful dresses, the dashing debonair in coat and tie, the glimmering ball atop the ceiling and the music that puts everybody in ecstasy – everything is in place. Everything that’s missing is you, the Prom Queen who will steal the night in while everybody else just open their mouth in awe because of your ethereal beauty. Yes, that is the perfect evening, only if you are in the perfect dress.

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