Luxury Dressing Gown Ideas For the Style Conscious

It is no surprise that sales of warm cotton dressing gowns explode over the autumn and winter months, also making for a perfect Christmas gift as sale data has shown. For the style conscious amongst us, the luxury dressing gown has recently became another worthy statement piece.

This autumn, world renowned fashion house Missoni has a whole collection of designer bathrobes and top end robes destined for success. In terms of a luxury mens dressing gown, nothing can be more suitable than the masculine Lara Hooded Bathrobe blue T170 colour scheme. This mens dressing gown is undeniably soft with magnetic waves of blue tones, and the design is unmistakably and immediately identifiable as the Missoni brand. For a luxury womens dressing gown the Lara’s twin, in the T156 colour scheme, provides the perfect complement to the mens for a perfect his and hers look. This cotton velour bathrobe is styled in a multitude of wavy stripes, and the various colours combined together are a sheer delight!

For something more subtle, may I suggest the Hamam Ocean Organic Robe in Snow White? This designer dressing gown robe is made from 100% organic cotton, and is a perfect toweling bathrobe option for someone with a more conservative taste. As a cotton bathrobe, it ensures maximum warmth and comfort simultaneously.

Of course this is just a taster – there is plenty of time to be thinking about what bathrobe would be perfect for you or your loved ones. Enjoy the English summer while it is still here, because it will be over sooner than you may think!