Local Bali Fashion Products ‘Invasion’ Australia

In the midst of a flood of imported products to a wide range of Indonesian, Balinese local fashion products even more a place in the eyes of the world, such as Australia. Bali as a world tourism destination, not separated from the invasion of leading branded fashion products imported at exorbitant prices.

Many outlets along Jalan Legian, Kuta Raya Seminyak until Oberoi or Jalan Kayu Aya, easily found a wide range of foreign products from Australia and France.

“It must be admitted-propduk fashion products domestically or locally is still rare, in fact most foreign products sold in the region,” said Olenka Boutique owner Dewi Wangsa, when found Okezone.
In fact, in terms of quality, from design and materials, local products not lose much with foreign products. The proof, the products are designed with local designers managed to penetrate the Australian market since 2011 until now.

He cited, for swimsuit fashion production, widely exported to Australia and got a positive response markets. Until now, the export demand continues to rise and is expected this year could spread to other countries.

To be accepted by the market, according to him, the quality and price to compete. Although the competition is getting tougher, with a clear market segments like Olenka products that target women aged 20 to 35 years.

He said he is optimistic, can compete with the onslaught of foreign products flooded Bali. Other efforts, by using information technology and network with marketing through online stores that are proven effective hook the market.

He also invited the business community with local branding, bold sound compete in the market targeting foreign tourists who vacation in the island of Bali. Dewi chose to empower local potential collaboration with the artists and the local workforce in producing works of international quality fashion.