Latest Fashion Trends Use Environmentally Friendly Materials

CREATING fashion trends should not only think of the model that will be booming in the future, but also the use of environmentally friendly materials.

Important issues regarding the preservation of the world environment and the search for alternative materials that are more environmentally friendly special theme used in the fashion trend 2013. The perpetrators were prosecuted mode to create environmentally friendly products that remain fashionable.

Therefore, fashion players need to find the right raw materials, environmentally friendly, natural coloring with new technologies, technical mastery, style tailoring that can be used for casual wear, and even recycle materials that can perform sophisticated.

“VirtuaLuxe is a picture of the upcoming fashion trends trend that comes in four themes, namely Chronicle, Astrochemistry, Enviromanifest, and Decorum, each of which is divided into several different sub-theme,” said Dina Midiani, Director of Indonesia Fashion Week, in Trends Forecast Seminar 2013 in the XXI Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, recently.

VirtuaLuxe word itself is derived from the Virtual Deluxe, which refers to a very strong element of escapism and trends affecting the world in recent years. To address all these things, expect the young Indonesian designers can use his intellect to create environmentally friendly products which have a characteristic cultural wealth of the nation.

“Through the discovery and presentation of the concept of trend forecasting is expected to be an inspiration and a stimulus for the development terdorongnya local products. When we are able to create products based on estimates of trends, then it will lead to increased market demand,” he concluded.