Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival 2013 to be held

Jakarta Provincial Government and the Supreme Summarecon again held in Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival (JF3). JF3 is annual festival and has entered the age of 10 years will be held in the Sentra Kelapa Gading.

Chief Executive JF3 2013 Sugiyanto Nagariya say, creative industry, fashion, and culinary has become a major attraction for tourism. According to him, Jakarta has the potential to be so because of three meetings of the various Indonesian cultures.

“Therefore, JF3 develop the production of the nation to be accepted globally and hosted in their own country and to improve Jakarta as shopping tourism destinations in Indonesia and the world,” said Sugiyanto at City Hall in Jakarta.

Vice Governor of Jakarta Tjahaja Basuki Purnama, who also attended the event said, JF3 a festival that can be used as a place for the elite marketing micro-small and medium businesses (SMEs) in Jakarta. He mentioned, fashion and culinary qualities Jakarta has become the world’s spotlight.

“With the JF3, Jakarta can be a culinary tourist destination because people feel safe enjoying culinary Jakarta, so it will grow a new industry, creating many markets. Petty traders We do not want to hire an expensive place. I also asked the committee set up around the food booths stickers if safe to eat and does not contain formaldehyde or borax, “said the former Regent Pacific’s East.

JF3 2013 with the theme “Transforming Indonesia into Global Taste”. JF3 will show Gading Nite Carnival, the festive party filled with people who parade float, dancers from various local attractions, and closed with a fireworks display.