Interesting Facts Regarding Graduation Cap and Gown

In every graduation ceremony, each student has to be worn into his or her own graduation cap and gown so as to attend the ceremony and to receive his or her graduation certificate on stage, right in front of the eyes of many before the stage. Graduation day is closely related to success, pride and achievement, and is a great impact for those who are involved in it, be it directly or indirectly. As a result, each and every graduation cap and gown being worn by the students represent respect and glory. So, what are the interesting facts associated with these amazing graduation caps and gowns?

The practice of wearing such graduation cap and gown by every student actually started in the early 12th century. During this period of time, Universities had already been established in all parts of Europe. Degrees of certificates had already been formed during that time period. Different cut out points were standardized to determine the different levels of academic studies in schools. During this time, most of the Universities did not have buildings and thus, school courses were being held at churches. The tradition of wearing graduation cap and gown by each student at graduation ceremonies thus evolved since this period, as during this time, scholars were being seen and noticed by others who wore robes and hoods in the churches. Therefore, this is how the practice of wearing such caps and gowns started.

In the year 1321, gowns were decided to be the formal dress code for the school of academics. Since then, it had become a common way for people to wear gowns. In addition, in order to distinguish the various school levels of study, different types of gowns were made available in Universities. This is a further insight to how graduation gowns being worn by students in graduation ceremonies came about.

As years passed by, different standards of wearing the gowns kept changing. All these came to a stop when the Intercollegiate Commission was being formed in the year 1895. The leader of the American institutions established this Commission. The purpose of this Commission being set up was to unite all the different standards of wearing the gowns and made it into a unique standard for all to follow, when they wore their gowns. These common standards were being known as the Intercollegiate Codes, and with time, these codes were often being modified.

In this current century, one may wonder if there are any standards being formed for wearing one’s graduation cap and gown. The answer to this particular question is actually yes. There is this Collegiate Apparel, which will ensure that this specific type of graduation caps and gowns sticks to its type of study codes. Furthermore, it is actually that particular Intercollegiate Commission which sets up the codes, the gowns’ designs as well as the graduation caps. Different types of colors are used to represent the various course subjects available. These are some interesting facts about these caps and gowns.