Hints in Caring For Your Hats

Hats are especially useful in protecting your head from the scorching heat of the sun or from the heavy drops of rain. Aside from that, they are indeed a marvelous addition to your wardrobe and would complete any day’s get-up.

Because you love your hats, it’s understandable that you want them to stay in tip-top shape. To do just that, here are some helpful hints in caring for your hats.


Leather hats are easy to clean. Just wipe of the hat with a damp cloth to remove loose dirt or stains before they settle in. Protect leather from water spotting or stains by applying water and stain protector. For straw hats, use a damp cloth or a hat sponge to get rid of surface dirt. Clean felt hats by brushing the surface and use masking tape to remove lint.

Hats that are made of fabric, felt or fur are more prone to staining. Do not rub immediately substances like mud off the hats because wiping it off fresh will only cause the stain to seep more into the material, leaving unpleasant looking stains. What you can do is to let the substance dry out first and then scrape it off after.


It is always best that you store your hat upside down on its crown so that its shape stays perfect. Store it in a cool dry place like on a hat rack that is far from any heat source because this can damage the hat’s material. But if you intend not to use them for a longer period of time, it is recommended to keep them in individual plastic bags with twist ties locks instead of storing them in their original boxes which take too much space and can be penetrated by insects. Just be sure to take out the hats once in while to let stale air and moisture escape.


When handling your hat, avoid holding it by the crown. Always hold it by the brim. Never hold the hat if your hands are dirty or oily because this will unsightly spots and stains on your hand.


Hats should never be stored when wet. They should be completely air dried naturally by hanging on a hat rack. Whatever you do, never make the mistake of exposing your hat to a heat source either by blow-drying or putting near a stove or a fireplace, thinking that this may be a fast way to dry out your hat. This is fatal to your hat and may damage its material.

Your hats will always be an important part of your wardrobe and are indeed are a worthy investment, that’s why it’s important that you take proper care of them.