Hat Boxes – Great For Hat Collectors

Hat boxes have recently enjoyed an insurgence in popularity, although not for their intended purposes. Originally they were used to transport hats from the place of purchase to the owner’s home and to store them when they were not worn. Today they have gained some popularity as decorative storage and as decoration for the home. These types of boxes are great for the powder room (also known as the bathroom), the bedroom, dorm room, or in other rooms throughout the home to add a Victorian flair to your décor style.


There are traditional styles that are made of corrugated cardboard. They are round and come in a variety of styles. Some newer styles are crafted from high density plastic. Some models are very elegant and ornately adorned. They come in stackable options that are usually the sizes go from the largest on the bottom to the smallest on the top. They are lidded and are great places to stash a number of things. Some of these boxes are very feminine and decorated with floral designs, some of them are very modern and done in dramatic colors. They are decorated with braiding and tassels. There are also antique boxes that are charming looking and will add a touch of whimsy to any décor.


Hat boxes are relatively inexpensive most of the time; some of the more ornate models can run a bit high and as expected antique types will be much more expensive. There are excellent second hand options that can be found in thrift stores. These items are a big trend right now for decorating the home and it may be harder to find than they were say five or ten years ago.

Where to Buy

Hat boxes are easily found in most home goods stores. Some department stores and discount stores will carry them as well. As mentioned early they can be purchased second hand at thrift stores. They may also be available at garage sales and estate sales. Utilizing these types of venues may be an excellent source for saving some money and you may find that you will come across some very interesting older boxes that were manufactured for the purpose of storing a hat, not just for decorative purposes – which adds a hint of authenticity to your decorating scheme.

They can be used solely for decorative purposes or for storage purposes. Hat boxes can also be stacked and used as a bed side table.