Give Your Used Graduation Caps and Gowns

Many high schools and colleges force their students to wear their graduation gowns in order to participate in their commencement exercises. Some schools oblige students to give some certain amount for their gowns. These circumstances can leave their families so many problems because of many expenses during graduation day.

Students who failed to get their own graduation gowns will not be permitted to join their graduation ceremony. You can contribute something to get rid of this sad condition of lots of students by donating your old gowns. You can give hope to so many students who don’t have graduation gowns for their ceremony through donation. There are lots of families today who are engaged in this type of situation. If you are interested to help those children to have their own gowns you can count on these help to be able to help you with your situation:

· Assess the condition of your gowns that you wish to donate. Do this before deciding to finally put it into donation. It is very essential that each item that you donate can still be used by the students. Ask yourself first if the item can still be use. You should also think about the color of your gowns. As you all know, diverse universities and schools may have variety of color when it comes to gowns and other paraphernalia as well. It is better to situate schools that would go with the color of your graduation caps and gowns.

· If your graduation gowns have some damages due to long time of storage, it is better to do a repair. You can carry your gowns to the nearest repair station on your area. You can several holes by yourself if you have some knowledge about sewing. Do not donate your gowns if you think it should go through major repair. A lot of students have other problems to think about. They do not have plenty of time to repair a totally damaged graduation gowns.

· You can keep in touch to some colleges and universities for your gowns donation. If you want to donate for a high school institution, you have to contact the principal first or other school officials. For colleges and universities you can just contact the Students Affairs Service to donate your used graduation gowns. Tell them about your aspiration to contribute caps and gowns. Know if your caps and gowns fit their school graduation dress requirements.

· If the school gives their consent on your graduation gowns, place them on a coat-hanger. It is good to place your donation in an acceptable bag or box. You may also have the gowns gift wrapped as a nice gift for a child who needs good graduation gowns for his graduation.