Flower Girl Gowns – Essentials

Flower girls are adorable and cute members of the entourage which is most probably a member of the extended family of either the bride or the groom. Their task is to shower the aisle with flowers and petals which symbolizes the well-wishing of abundance of blessings and happiness in the newly weds life as a young couple. Partnered with the ring bearer or the page boy or the Bible bearer, the two are dressed to look like the miniature couple of the bride and the groom. Not necessarily wearing a white dainty dress, flower girls wear long gowns which can match the color motif or the theme of the occasion.

It has been a very long tradition for weddings that flower girls are dressed in cute little ball gowns imitating the look of a fairy tale princess. In many occasions, they wear simple yet charming and attractive long gowns that can either be long or knee-length. Below are some great ideas that can prettify the design and pattern and the total look of the flower girl gowns.

· Embroidery and Embellishments – Not necessarily exclusive for flower girl gowns, embroideries and embellishments are customary designs that have always been present in wedding outfits. This is because these contribute to the dress for a more feminine touch. In weddings, girls are expected to look sweet and innocent while men are supposed to look dashing and clean. In that sense, one can never go wrong with embroidery and embellishments on gowns.

· Sashes and Ribbons – Sashes and ribbons are other pieces that can achieve a feminine look. They can either be used as waist belts or as flowing adornments at the back or side of the gown.

· Layers and flowers – To avoid looking like a Plain Jane, add a little flavor to the look of the dress by layering the dress with various colors. If the motif of the wedding is pink, the dress can have monochromatic layers from baby pink, pink, and fuchsia to hot pink. This trend has been a modern look for weddings since the 2000. Flowers, of course, are no-brainer additions to gowns that work every single time.

· Tiaras, crowns, head bands, head dresses and others – Though hair accents are not really part of the dress itself, adorning the crowning glory always complete the look of the dress. It may not be physically connected to flower girl gowns itself but it can definitely beautify it notches higher.

Additional tip, try to design flower girl gowns in a way that it is still very comfortable yet cute. Remember that kids will always be kids and weddings or not, they will surely love to run, hop and play around even on formal occasions. Choose a look that will still be pretty but poised even as they frolic around.

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