Fashion Show Oldest

SrPInLtSWa   CONFIRM status as a major fashion capital in the world, Paris became the location of the fashion world who deserve to go to record. Housed in an art gallery, an American fashion label, Band Of Outsiders, which debuted this year in Paris, presenting a fashion show can be watched by the public.

Despite using only one model that presents 25 different collection within three days and two nights, Band Of Outsiders shows a positive response from the public. Debut Band Of Outsiders who do indeed differ.

When a new label is usually directly enroll at Paris Fashion Week agenda which became the main destination of the buyer and fashionista, Band Of Outsiders chose “jump” in the midst of society, which indeed is their target consumers.

Band Of Outsiders founder Scott Sternberg said, Truman Show-style fashion show is aimed at attracting the attention of the public directly to the fashion label.

“People can see that Band Of Outsiders provide appropriate clothing for their daily lives,” said Sternberg. As for the idea of ​​the fashion show, Sternberg admitted got it from an article he had read.

“I once read in an article, there is a fashion show like this in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I thought why not, the idea is quite challenging to be realized,” he said. Not only for the fashion label, fashion show, of course, is a challenge for the model, Brendan Ruck.