Do not Maximize Fashion Week Designers

EXISTENCE fashion week in Indonesia has now become its own phenomenon. Quite often, it seems to be a competition held by certain parties to lure visitors.

In fact, in a country that in fact already developed fashion industry, fashion week event is only held to show off the latest collection in every season. However, this is different to the one in Indonesia. Because, there is no definite rule how the event should be held. No doubt, if Indonesia also received the title as the country’s most widely held fashion week.

“I used to always say why not become one? Fashion week because they had a lot of egos. All pengin looking portfolio, “said Chairman Isa Sjamsidar Indonesian Fashion Designers Association (IPMI), while talking to Okezone exclusively in Energy Building, SCBD area, South Jakarta, recently.

Even so, the event may in fact also have a positive impact. According to the woman who is usually called Tjammy this, as the fashion week there can not maximize the work of the designers.

“Every fashion week, wants different collections. If it does not come, then the question arises, while in one year what events should we just follow it, “he complained.

This is different from what happened pastiya abroad. The designers who participated in a Fashion Week event where they follow, of course, will not change the existing collection.

“If overseas, such as Yves Saint Laurent has issued a collection of the latest season, will want wherever they go, which dikeluarin the collection well, too,” he explained.

Furthermore, women are usually called this Tjammy said, Fashion Week should be held by people who understand the world. However, if there are those who want to hold a fashion show, does not mean it can be called as the fashion week.

“Should Fashion Week is only one in Indonesia, may be made if such a body but want to issue IPMI trends or standards APPMI has also no problem, because it is from the organization,” he concluded.