Different Corset Outfits Designs

Once ridiculed as a symbol of oppression by feminists, corset outfits are once again back in fashion, courtesy Madonna, Cate Blanchett and many other female celebrities. The garment that was the quintessential outfit to accentuate the hourglass like figure of women in the Victorian era has conquered the hearts of modern day liberated women in myriads of ways. It is a garment that can be used as outwear as well as undergarment. It can be paired with a variety of dresses. For the creative fashionista, corset is a garment that enables her to experiment with different dressing styles.

Underbust corset

This is the traditional corset style. It is worn underneath dresses to support the bust. This undergarment makes brassieres redundant. When paired with G-string or any other skimpy panty, it is transformed into one of the boldest lingerie. However, underbust corsets are not solely worn for sexual gratification. Occasionally, it is recommended for medical purpose. By immobilizing the torso, it facilitates speedy recovery of certain spinal problems.

Overbust corset

However, for numerous fashion conscious women, corset is a stylish outfit, not merely lingerie that can be revealed only in private moments. It complements a variety of styles. Giving the wearer a secured cleavage, corset outfits are popular party dresses. Corset outfits can replace your shoulderless dresses. A strapless bra is not needed to support your bosom. A beautifully designed corset boosts the bust line to create the ideal cleavage.

Bridal corsets are even popular among modern day brides. The laces and ribbons trimmed to the outfit enhance the attraction of wedding gowns regardless of their length. These gorgeous garments can even be paired with short to medium length skirts. They are quite popular in fancy dress and Halloween parties. When worn with jeans, it becomes a part of your daily wear. Overbust corset can replace any standard blouse, giving you various options for trying different styles.

How to buy the right corset

Now that you are aware of the different types of corset designs, it is time to go corset shopping. You will find a wide selection of corsets in a reputed garment outlet or online store. While buying a corset, check the boning material of the outfit. The boning material is responsible for the firmness of the garment. Steel is the ideal boning material, found in the best quality corsets. Corsets with plastic boning are lightweight but usually of poor quality. Silk, satin and cotton are popular fabrics used for making corset outfits.

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