Cap and Gowns: Special Clothes for a Special Day

Graduation day is always a special day. It is a day when graduating students put on their finest regalia and walk up to the podium in front of family and friends to receive their degrees. It is that point in a student’s life which marks the end of one stage, and the beginning of another stage. Most educational institutions mark this occasion with a traditional ceremony where the students are required to wear special apparel. While each institution has its own dress code, cap and gowns are normally the standard wear in most graduation ceremonies around the world. Most colleges and schools have specific dress codes, which include the color and specifications that the students are expected to conform to while choosing their apparel. The style of clothing in most graduation ceremonies around the world is normally derived by customs followed in European schools. The cap and gown graduation culture is inspired from these traditions. Students wear matching cap and gowns for graduation along with white dresses and shirts on the special day. There might be ropes worn around the necks of the students to indicate their class and rank. Many institutions include a hood as part of the dress. The academic hood is considered by many to be a powerful symbol of the status of the student and a vital component of the costume.

The cap and gowns purchased for this day might never be used again. It is essentially a onetime expense. While some like to buy their dress and keep it as a special memento for life, most students prefer renting their dress. Buying a graduation cap and gown can be quite expensive. That is why most students prefer to go to a cap and gown rental shop for renting their high school graduation gowns. Most graduation cap and gowns are usually made of polyester fabric. While the economic ones have a simple shiny finish, the more expensive gowns have a matte finish. Most cap and gowns are usually found in black or in shiny blue, as that is mostly the color of the costume prescribed by most universities. For a student, price and affordability is a major issue. The cheapest graduation cap & gown is available at low prices, making the purchase easier on the students. A lot of clothing stores offer discounts on their cap gown package. The code of the institution, the size of the wallet and the taste in clothes of the student, eventually, decide the choice of the dress.

Graduation day marks a major turning point in a person’s life. The special memories that develop on this day stay with the individual for life. The cap and gowns, worn on this day, as part of the special attire, is part of what makes this occasion special. These clothes are part of a once in a lifetime occasion. That is why the high school graduation gown is a piece of clothing that is always chosen with special care.